Journey Into Blackness

27 June 2000 tuesday ~7:55 pm

I began the journey with the vaguest of questions — a loosely phrased, “Show me what I need to know, take me where I need to go.”  As soon as the drumming began, I was in it full speed.  I saw myself in a dark metal stairway with lots of blown sand.  There was bright sunlight coming in around the door.

I opened the door and found myself at the edge of a deserted stone amphitheater-like place.  The sun was beating down upon my head, and I looked out on a wide, empty space.  There was a lot of dust and sand and not a tree to be seen.  I hesitated just a moment and then ran down the steps and half way across the dusty floor of the amphitheater to the center.

There was a giant snake there.  It was a desert rattler the size of an amusement park ride.  I leaped onto its back, and we were off.

He moved in the peculiar side-ways slither that snakes often have, and though my surroundings were a blur, I saw clearly that straight ahead there was a hole in the rock.  I felt some small, fleeting anxiety before we plunged into the hole.

Almost immediately, I lost consciousness, and when I came to, C. had just switched on the lamp and one of the other journeyers was standing up to open the blinds.

I felt some sadness and a dual certainty: that I should not allow my dreams to get ahead of my reality and that the ride ahead, though at times scary, would ultimately turn out alright.

I continued to feel incredibly hot.  I don’t know if it’s because I had just eaten or because of my acupuncture treatment earlier in the day, but both T. (who is usually hot) and C. mentioned that the room felt cool to them.


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