The Ringmaster’s Many Robes

22 May 2010 ~6:14 am

My last dream of the night took place in a formal, very corporate,  setting, but the “ringmaster” was a friendly, good looking guy who appeared to change clothes for each client or situation he encountered.  Symbolically, he wore many different hats throughout the day and was thus able to keep a thriving practice.

The first time I met him, he was bringing in clients in to show them his supplements and wares.  He was wearing a corporate uniform shirt and appeared to be a traveling salesman or a broker of some kind.

Not five minutes later, he was unwrapping a beautiful wooden didgeridoo, the playing of which he was able to demonstrate.  Now he was wearing shorts, a tie dye T-shirt, and these outrageously loud (probably Guatemalan) knit leg warmers that were various shades of bright yellow.

When I walked by his office again, it was empty, and he was next door in a large, open seating area.  This room was dark and atmospherically lit.  There were fine leather couches, potted ferns in gold-metal pots, and paintings on the wall.

Now he was standing by one wall with some prospective clients.  He was letting them try out a large (8′ + long, 3/4′ diameter) telescope.  The telescope was stained wood and very ornate.  It actually looked like one of the didgeridoos I saw earlier.  Even though the room had no skylights, there appeared to be some sort of telescope lens-sized translucent window high up on the wall.  The telescope was pointed at this, and through this window I imagined that his clients were now seeing the stars.

I remember when I walked by him, and his clients were looking at this plate on the wall through the telescope, I was slightly in awe of the whole process.  After all, his clients could clearly see something through the telescope even though there was no real window there.  Or perhaps he was simply good enough at weaving a web that his clients were able to enjoy the view because he convinced them that there was a view there to enjoy.


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