Even horoscopes can have punch

(This goes under the heading of excerpts from the works of other people that I resonated with strongly enough to copy down longhand upon reading them.)

from The Memphis Flyer Horoscopes, Aug 3-9, 2000:

Pisces Rick Fields, former editor of the magazine Yoga Journal, has impecable credentials as an intelligent seeker of enlightenment.  His book Chop Wood, Carry Water contains practical strategies for adopting spiritual principles to daily life, while his How The Swans Came To The Lake is a well-respected narrative of the history of Buddhism in America.  In light of the tranquil grace for which he is renowned, some people were shocked at the chapbook he penned after contracting lung cancer a few years ago.  Fuck You, Cancer was the title.  The adversary you now face, Pisces, is nowhere near as dire as Fields’, but I urge you to draw inspiration from both his Buddhist calm and his fierce warriors’ spirit as you carry on your fight.” (emphasis added)


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