Orange is the color of the root chakra, natch!

Sitting here, reading Shirley MacLaine’s Out on a Limb, I see from behind what looks like a sexy man.  I think at first that it is Steven, but now I think “too tall, too thin” to be him.

It was him.  He’s very lean — lost a lot of bulk, I think.  I wanted to see if it was him, so I walked up and said hello.  I don’t have a fierce crush on him anymore, which is a very good thing.

Another intriguing man just walked in.  He was at least part Asian and very androgynous.  He wore tight orange flares and a white shirt and I think he had on eyeliner.  Very hot.  He was here with a buddy and two pretty girls and all spoke another language — perhaps Japanese.  His buddy has a cute smile and shaggy main of dark hair.

I wonder if the orange pants  are his most striking feature.

Orange is such a root chakra color!  I see him walk and think about fucking.  Even his buddy — dressed in jeans and a casual T-shirt — makes me want to fuck.  Oddly enough, I think they’re tourists.  The more I look at his face — I can’t see his pants now from where I’m sitting — the less attractive he becomes.  I guess it really was the pants.

3 Aug 00  Thurs ~3:30 pm


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