Portland: Seven months of mist and gloom

Fields says she lived in Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, and NY.

Portland, OR

It rains (“mists, really”) for seven months of the year.  It is gloomy then, too.  But it goes from lush and tropical to semi-arid and doesn’t rain a drop — not a drop — for the other five months of the year.  She says the trees there are astonishing too.

3 August 00 Thurs. ~3:30 pm

Funny thing is, I had the chance to speak to Paulie in August of this year when he came to town to take care of some medical stuff.  He said that “seven months of mist and gloom” routine is essentially propaganda spread virally, with the intention of keeping the newcomers to a minimum.  He says it is beautiful and that the gloom is minimal and quite manageable, even for someone like Hi who is very effected by the weather and the lighting.

His view of reality essentially amounted to this: Oregon is much more progressive than Tennessee, and Portland, especially, is much, much more progressive than Memphis.  We should go that way as soon as convenient and not let the doomsayers sway us from our intended path.

14 Oct 10 Thursday morning at Elsewhere


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