The Armchair Herbalist

Something to note: retail doesn’t do it anymore. Not that I mind doing it so much as entertaining myself in book or retail stores has lost its appeal.

Time’s a-ticking, as they say. I am a herbalist but all too often, of the haphazard, armchair variety. And yet there is appeal in this life for me. Where I feel I fall short is in quality use of my time. What if I could not use my laptop for a week? What more could I accomplish?

And yet, my interest is not just in healing so much as in traditional culinary, literary, cultural, and brewing use of plants. Of what value is it to society? Of what value to me?

Can I help to heal humankind’s fractured relationship with the natural world? Can I help preserve the Old Ways?

Am I worthy to follow in the footsteps of my heroes — Allen Ginsberg, Mickey Hart, Stephen Harrod Buhner, Matthew Wood?

I feel incomplete — a partial failure, within sight but still falling short of the mark.

I want so much, but I feel as though I will never finish — or worse yet, that I fear that I may never really begin for fear of not being able to finish.

I need help focusing — narrowing my focus, perhaps, but also I need a project to begin, and I need the fortitude and discipline to see it through to completion. I feel like I have many good ideas but very poor followthrough.

I wonder, does there exist out there a herbal program of study and practice that more closely fits with what I think I want to accomplish? Perhaps in Making Herbal Medicine by James Greene or in The Book of Herbal Ritual there is a starting point?

Maybe the best approach for me would be to set aside a day to play, to study, and to work on herbal projects, with the intention to set small attainable project goals that will feed into and make both possible and realistic the completion of a larger goal.

First step: meditation practice to still the mind and restore calm.

9 September 04 Thursday


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