Vibrational Healing, Adam’s Peak, and the war against disease

He wanted Bloodroot and Goldenseal.  I showed him the tinctures, and then, as we knelt together on the floor, Kanil told me his story.  He’d heard of places where Goldenseal grows wild, and he and his associates wanted to know why the plant grew wild where it did.  Kanil said that he was sure that the composition of the soil and the vibration of the place were key, and he had met a man who had the technology to measure vibrational energy.

About the technology, Kanil had this to say: when you shake water and sand up in a pan and then stop suddenly, you get a beautiful pattern like a wave.  This is the pattern that is measurable in sound waves.  Someone took this theory and went to a place with pure, mineral-rich water.  He measured the vibrations using a device and then took the device to another place, this time up in Maine, where the water is horribly polluted and de-mineralized.  He “played” the vibrations of the same frequency as he measured in the place with pure, healthy water and within twelve hours saw sediment dropping out of the water and microbiological life beginning to regenerate.

Now, the man lacked the power to do this for long, but God led the person with the technology AND the power to call him up.  This man gave him the secret to the Tesla Coil, which generates energy out of the air and atmosphere.

My friend Kanil heard about what this man was doing and contacted him.  The man offered to give Kanil the device, which is roughly the size of a doughnut.  Kanil intends to use the device to generate power to measure the vibrations of wildcrafted goldenseal.  Then he intends to plant seeds somewhere else in similar soil and play the appropriate vibrations to see if the goldenseal that grows is identical in quality and vibration to the wild variety of the plant.

As if that story weren’t fantastic enough, Kanil and his associates next planned to travel to Sri Lanka to replicate the experiment on Adam’s Peak, reputed to be Sri Lanka’s holiest mountain.  Apparently, in Sri Lanka there are many children with cancer.  Kanil explained to me that goldenseal in the stomach causes an instant immune system boost that can effectively combat cancer.  He also suggested that laughter therapy is proving to be quite effective in shrinking tumors and combating cancer.

This is where his story careens off into chaos, or my memory failed me because I had to finish my shift before I could record his tale.  Apparently he also talked about mythological connections (or convolutions?) between the origins of Adam’s Peak and the “new Arthur C. Clarke movie, 3001″.

This story was told to me 20 Dec 1997 ~4:30 pm, by a man I met at the store who called himself Kanil Gunewardena.


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