How to Date a Gay Novelist Who Is Older Than Your Dad : Hugh Ryan

Here’s a blog post that has several elements that appeal to me.   First of all, it’s written by a friend,  Hugh Ryan, so I am predisposed to like it, and if I do like it, to enable it to spread.  Second,  as I mentioned,  the post is very well written,  and finally,  it provides a glimpse into the life of someone of both personal and historical/cultural interest.

Anyway,  read on and enjoy.

Next Stop – Goa, India – A New Generation of Pilgrims Hits India’s Hippie Trail –

In case you missed it… here’s a terrific piece from the New York Times back in 2006.  I know that I was only dimly aware (if at all) with Goa’s hippie history when I was becoming of age. Certainly, if I had been more aware of Goa’s role in the formation of the culture I claim as my own, I would have made sure to do more than touch down there en route to somewhere else when I was “in country.”  If you ever wondered why Goa, India has such a hold on the more Bohemian-minded among us, this article has it all.  It even references a DVD documentary I own called, “Last Hippie Standing,” which dates from about the same time period. If you ever wondered why India in general and Goa in particular hold such power among the more “artistically” (raver) inclined folks, this is why.  I may still write more about this or my experiences  at a later date, but I did want to pass this link along now.
Anyway, check it out if you like: