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Extremely well written and interesting take on creativity and the collaborative nature of ideas. Most striking to me was the notion that ideas don’t belong to me alone but to the universe, and if I  drag my feet in executing it, I shouldn’t  be surprised if “my” idea bubbles to the surface attached to another person’s name.  The idea was looking for a way to become manifest and the other person just moved on it quicker or more confidently than I did.

Inspiration Monday: Filling the well. –

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Here’s an elegant depiction of a universal truth. In order for the “horses” of intention to set the “cart” of accomplishment in motion, we must act.

Next to creativity,  success is one of my most intensely passionate fields of study.  I’m especially fascinated by how creative beings stitch together successful and satisfying lives out of a patchwork quilt of challenging circumstances.

Anyway,  here’s a post from a writer who lays it out much more clearly than I have thus far.

Hope you enjoy:

Once You Make a Decision, the Universe Conspires to Make It Happen – Ralph Waldo Emerson –

11/6/15 Friday: An Addendum to Yesterday’s California Dreamin’

Since I got a worried mid-day call from my parents, who read yesterday’s post and wanted to make sure I hadn’t lost my mind, quit my job, and fled to California, I thought I’d point out that any post tagged “California dreaming” is somehow related to my love affair with the Golden State (California) whether literally or metaphorically, while posts tagged “dreamwork” are journal accounts of dreams I had while asleep (usually at night).

So concerned readers should know that posts so tagged (above) probably don’t mean that I have gone off the rails, quit my job, or moved to California without a job.

Ok.  Thanks!

California Dreamin’

11/5/15, Thursday, 6:15 am

Hi & I  woke up in the living room, as per usual, at 4:09 am and headed to the bedroom.  As I needed to get up at five am, I didn’t have much time, and fell into a fitful, dreamy sleep.

By some miracle we had flown from Memphis to Oakland and managed to arrive at Chaos by 6:25 am, the last leg of the  journey executed at a frenetic pace in a bus with Love at the wheel.  We arrived to a dark common room, greeted by S. who said she’d call someone tomorrow and ask them to give me a job.  The conversation was brief and to the point, and soon  we found ourselves in D.’s room.  I was pretty panicked because I couldn’t find my phone, but Hi crawled right into bed with D.  K. was  there as well and initially started out in the bed right next to theirs, but when I fell briefly to sleep in the 3rd bed, I awoke to find him asleep beside me.

I slept fitfully, alternately worrying that I couldn’t find my phone, and panicking when I thought about how to explain to work that we were in Oakland and I wouldn’t be making my opening shift.