Greenfae’s Leaves

Harwich Pier

Harwich Pier (Photo credit: Christian Davies)

I was born in Decatur, GA, spent my highschool years in the North West Atlanta (Buckhead area), and my four years of college in Memphis, TN. I have travelled alot over the years, though right now I’m in a bit of a lull. Favorite destinations include Oregon, Puget Sound, Cape Cod, San Francisco (CA), Short Mountain Sanctuary (in Central Tennessee), Asheville (NC), Boulder (CO), the Rocky Mountains, Zuni Mountain Sanctuary in rural New Mexico (near the Zuni Pueblo), Banares (India), Katmandu Valley (Nepal), and rural and historic areas of Sri Lanka (Kandi, Colombo, Sabodhi Institute). Life priorities now include getting my house in order (literally: painting, sanding, refinishing cabinets, learning to build frames for windows, etc.) and starting to write again. My other interests include yoga, biking, building management skills, getting ahead in life, herbalism, raw foods, Beat poetry, travel, India, holistic health, countercultural studies, brewing, and ethnopharmacology, among other things. Lately, I’ve been feeling like my desire to draw wider exposure to cool happenings and people that I read about in the New York Times and other media outlets (books, magazines, and in the wider Web on blogs, etc.), has almost obscured the other contents of my blog, which I had intended as an outlet for personal writings, both long and short form. In an attempt to refresh this blog, I have decided to give in (a little bit) to my desire (on an almost daily basis) to provide exposure for artists, intellectuals, musicians, books, etc., that I find interesting; at the same time, I hope to free this blog up to focus less on promoting the New York Times as a repository of eccentric artists and the like and more on personal writing, thoughtful responses to other articles, poetry, and the like.  In essence, I am inspired many times a day by the creativity of kindred spirits, and rather than starting and not finishing a million posts a day on here, I am going to try to focus more on fully fleshed-out writing here and give the brief “In Case You Missed It” type of  posts  their own forum in a separate space, which I am calling Intelligence, Creativity, & Cultural Ferment.  I have many, many unfinished, and probably unfinishable, pieces in my Greenfae queue as I write this.   What I want is to stretch my creative muscles a bit with more polished writing here, while also giving my jumpy jack-rabbit of a mind a place to “screen-dump” people, books, places, etc. that inspire me, sort of like Pocketonly for public consumption.  Ideally, this will allow me to focus my attention on crafting longer pieces for Greenfae’s Leaves by allowing me a ready forum for the bricolage of creative interests that vie for my attention throughout each and every day. As always, turn to Greenfae’s Leaves for longer, more personal pieces and writings that are more in-depth than a Twitter post will allow, but I hope that you will come to view Cultural Ferment as a Wunderkammer of vivid personalities and intriguing media, and also as a repository for links to articles worth reading and individuals whose life and creative works are worth remembering and exploring.


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