dreaming, fragments

dreaming, fragments:

like a rocket

only bigger,

and more beautiful,

and more pristine

than anywhere.

A level above,

at the tippy top,

of a long ladder

(beyond a trap door)

A penthouse,

roof of the world


24 February 1996, Saturday

beautiful hands


banjo strings

such a sweet instrument

 the “devil’s choice”?

so young…

I am



(am I too obvious?)

stealing covert glances at his hidden folds

smooth, soft fingers

tap-tap of cigarette

softness of the palm against my stubbly face

silent music

A Glimpse [22 May 1998, Friday, 11:40 am]

Looking  at Lynn,

hunched over her register,

her body crooked into an awkward position,

though she still smiled.

I had  a flash,

call it intuition, call it what you will:

“So you are now — so you shall be again.”

This was Lynn, post-dated fifty years,

still smiling but with an ever more pronounced stoop in her shoulders.

I felt a cold chill,

as though I’d seen the surface

of my mortality.

Untitled [22 May 1998, Friday, ~9:15 am]

Thinking of you

Allowing time to pass

Writing a letter

I think of you fondly.


Notes on a Southern Music Project

As Quoted in “Benjamin Smoke”:

“With a throat smooth as a lamb

Yet dry as a branch not snapping

He throws back his head

But he does not sing a thing


Patty Smith

(from “Death Singing”)

14 Feb 05 7:17 pm

The Reconnection

It’s been years since my heart opened up and I could connect to the plants.  In fact, the last time I wrote seriously was also the last time I could connect – and that was when the River Spirit Faeries were still involved in the sanctuary project at the building on Rozelle.  Each business circle we had as a group (and we met weekly for 1-2 years) I took copious notes (minutes) for the group.  In addition, I journaled almost compulsively, regularly wrote plant-spirit and herbal nutrition articles for the River Spirit newsletter, and the like.
At that time, I recall that I was very into the idea that herbs were more than condiments, they were both medicine and critical nutrition as well.  I subscribed (and to a certain extent still do) to the idea that the traditional herbal systems that promote the Five Flavors, the energetics (warm, cool, hot, cold), the Four (or Five) Elements, etc., really could be integrated into modern nutritional paradigms without compromising either philosophy too much.   Read the rest of this entry »