Last night, I tossed and turned, plagued by a looped and disturbing dream.

Last night, I tossed and turned, plagued by a looped and disturbing dream.

I was in an airport with H and a bunch of faeries.  We were going on a trip.  At perhaps the last moment, I got tired of waiting to leave and decided to run to the bathroom.

Of course when I came back everyone, including H, was gone, as was seemingly my luggage.  Frantically, I tried to call H on his cell phone.  At first I couldn’t get through, then I got him and he said, “No, of course I didn’t get your luggage.  Where did you leave it?”

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Journey Into Blackness

27 June 2000 tuesday ~7:55 pm

I began the journey with the vaguest of questions — a loosely phrased, “Show me what I need to know, take me where I need to go.”  As soon as the drumming began, I was in it full speed.  I saw myself in a dark metal stairway with lots of blown sand.  There was bright sunlight coming in around the door.

I opened the door and found myself at the edge of a deserted stone amphitheater-like place.  The sun was beating down upon my head, and I looked out on a wide, empty space.  There was a lot of dust and sand and not a tree to be seen.  I hesitated just a moment and then ran down the steps and half way across the dusty floor of the amphitheater to the center.

There was a giant snake there.  It was a desert rattler the size of an amusement park ride.  I leaped onto its back, and we were off. Read the rest of this entry »