NYTimes: Two Years Later, What It Means to Be Wed

Two Years Later, What It Means to Be Wed https://nyti.ms/2sGo6pl

The New Making It – The New York Times


How some artists have been able to find creative success in the  (digital ) “gig economy. “

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Extremely well written and interesting take on creativity and the collaborative nature of ideas. Most striking to me was the notion that ideas don’t belong to me alone but to the universe, and if I  drag my feet in executing it, I shouldn’t  be surprised if “my” idea bubbles to the surface attached to another person’s name.  The idea was looking for a way to become manifest and the other person just moved on it quicker or more confidently than I did.

Inspiration Monday: Filling the well. – http://wp.me/p15klY-lcm

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Here’s an elegant depiction of a universal truth. In order for the “horses” of intention to set the “cart” of accomplishment in motion, we must act.

Next to creativity,  success is one of my most intensely passionate fields of study.  I’m especially fascinated by how creative beings stitch together successful and satisfying lives out of a patchwork quilt of challenging circumstances.

Anyway,  here’s a post from a writer who lays it out much more clearly than I have thus far.

Hope you enjoy:

Once You Make a Decision, the Universe Conspires to Make It Happen – Ralph Waldo Emerson – http://wp.me/p5Q2rg-HN

11/6/15 Friday: An Addendum to Yesterday’s California Dreamin’

Since I got a worried mid-day call from my parents, who read yesterday’s post and wanted to make sure I hadn’t lost my mind, quit my job, and fled to California, I thought I’d point out that any post tagged “California dreaming” is somehow related to my love affair with the Golden State (California) whether literally or metaphorically, while posts tagged “dreamwork” are journal accounts of dreams I had while asleep (usually at night).

So concerned readers should know that posts so tagged (above) probably don’t mean that I have gone off the rails, quit my job, or moved to California without a job.

Ok.  Thanks!

‘These Schmucks Were Geniuses!’: Poet Eileen Myles Remembers Her New York | VICE | United States


Here’s a new piece
from my friend,  Hugh Ryan. It’s a Vice Magazine interview with queer poet Eileen Myles.


Time To Quit | James Altucher | LinkedIn


Very well written and well reasoned article about knowing when to fight and when to admit defeat. In essence,  sometimes letting go costs less than continuing to push on and also allows you the space you need to make needed changes.

Watch “This Is Water by David Foster Wallace Full Speech” on YouTube

This Is Water by David Foster Wallace Full Speech: https://youtu.be/PhhC_N6Bm_s

Twenty – two minutes well spent,  listen as David Foster Wallace gives the commencement speech I wish I had heard (instead of whatever boring trivial,  and ultimately forgettable nothingness I did hear) at my last graduation. Full stop. “This is water” is reality laid bare, as DFW says at one point,  it’s the fundamentals with all the innumerably polite niceties removed. He’s interesting and witty and listening to this makes me wish I had taken the time to read one single thing he’d written before he died.

Anyway,  hope you enjoy it.

Survivors of 1980s AIDS crisis reveal what happened to them | Gay Star News


An honest discussion of times hopefully past and of experiences no one should have to endure.

Apologies for Silence (Post-Laptop Reality 2.0)

It’s been months since I’ve posted anything of length here.  In the interim, I ‘ve done a lot of traveling, a good bit of introspection, and as I have  moved back towards writing and posts of real substance I’ve hit a small speed hump that means regular posts are still, for now, a thing of the past and future but not something I can commit to now.  My laptop is officially on life support, having been resuscitated temporarily by a computer-savvy friend and returned to me with instructions to retrieve anything I have not backed up ASAP or risk losing it forever.  It turns out laptop video cards, at least in the case of my model, are soldered to the motherboard, so when they go out your options are replace the motherboard (which is expensive) or replace the laptop, which is (apparently) only slightly more expensive.  The DIY temporary fix involves covering the intake and exhaust ports of the machine and then turning it on for half an hour so that it overheats.  Sounds dreadful but it is simply a dire patch for a permanent situation.  Apparently, the intended result (and the result that my friend achieved in my case) is that the heat causes the solder points to expand and fuses the cracked solder back together however temporarily.  This fix, he says, can last for a day, a week, a year, two years, etc., but that when the solder cracks again, as it likely will now that it is weak, you will have to undergo the overheating process again.  Which may fix it again, or may not, as overheating the computer may cause other problems.

With that as my new reality, I have ordered another cheap back up drive to archive and possibly image my laptop before stripping it of substance and consigning it to the role of guest computer, I suppose.

So here I sit, at a Memphis Public Library  public computer, hammering out this place-holder for real prose (not lovely but certainly long overdue).  The guy next to me just left (finally!) after playing video games, punctuated by game-over sounds and repeated, more-than-audible, exclamations of, “Oh! My! God!” after each termination.  When his session ended (they have patrons on a two-hour timer here), he started singing (terribly and nearly tunelessly, of course) about computers and video games.  I believe the tune was “Deck The Halls,” but with more nasal delivery than strictly necessary for someone who wasn’t actually striving for obnoxious.

The going forward plan is that I will continue my lack-of laptop until after Christmas, so that we can take advantage of after Christmas sales to pick up another cheap laptop for regular internet use, bill-paying, ordering online, playing DVD’s outside, etc.  In the mean time, we will set up my study/office in our old bedroom (when we finish the floor of our new bedroom), and I will bring a much older desktop model out of mothballs and set it up again as my writing and blog-only computer.  I will in the meantime look around for a cheap (used) flat screen monitor to use with it, as the only monitors I have left from the old days will swallow half of my desk.

Until all of that happens, I have only these fleeting moments to log on and post, so that is the state of things for now.

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