Chris says I talk about food too much. More cooking, more food, bah humbug!

Chris says I talk about food and cooking too much.  Last night we made the most delicious borscht.  Borscht is a beet soup that, I think is traditionally served cold and often with meat.  We make ours hot,  perfect for still chilly winter nights, and mostly vegetarian.  We usually use veggie broth, but I forgot to buy it at the natural foods store and the local ghetto grocery nearest us now carries only chicken and beef broth, so chicken broth-based it is this time.  Thick chunks of red potato and red beet, half-moons of red onion,  carrots and half a red cabbage in shreds.  Sauteed shallot and garlic.  I’ve mostly  cut dairy out of my diet, so I have a dollop of vegan sour cream in it, and of course, a generous hand full of chopped fresh dill for garnish.

Today, Chris is visiting his grandmother and I am making lunch.  Sauteed Brussels sprouts with coconut and a green papaya salad, both vegetarian.