Collage thoughts

At a friend’s house. Just saw the most amazing collage. So detailed. Excellent concept and nearly wall-sized. Guy who did it collaged with magazines and then painted over it to provide greater depth and detail. Overall concept was of a man wearing a tribal mask and riding a Chinese dragon. That image was a composite of many, many smaller, seemingly unrelated images. Ingenious, really.

Thing was, when I saw it, I initially was overwhelmed by its scope and found myself imagining collages a tenth of the size of the piece. Chris’s reaction to MY reaction essentially amounted to “no way are you starting ANY smaller.”

“When did you stop looking up?” “The art of fence design,” and other tales

I had a thought: my journey — oddly timed — occurred here alone.  My post-journey collage contains the memorable image-mottoes, “When did you stop looking up?”  “The art of fence design,” “Color me fun!” (in big splashy letters), “Perfections of passion,” and “Let your imagination run wild!”

I’ve been especially influenced by that strange query, “When did you stop looking up?”

I’ve begun noticing at work the extent to which I refuse to make eye contact with anyone.  This is even more true at home or when ever I’m attracted to a guy.

In part, my long running depressive state is related to this fact.   I no longer look up because I feel low and scared.  Because I have been burned, I have been traumatized and fear engagement and commitment.

Work is a mask that I wear, and in its current incarnation, that mask is terse under stress, it barely restrains its anger, it is driven to produce.

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