The Pros & Cons of Measuring

I was reading this morning on WordPress and came across this little gem on the blog “Adventures With Bill Birnbaum.”  To read what I read, go here:

I also, mostly, measure nothing, and I certainly understand the rationale for doing that. My attitude on that point is starting change, though. I am reading the book _The Four Hour Body_ (not as silly as it sounds, I promise). The author, Tim Fariss, suggests that people are more likely to adhere to a program when they both measure their progress and put that measurement out there (publicly) where their friends will embarrass them if they fail to improve upon it. I don’t know that I am fully committed to the program yet, but I think a lot depends on your reasons for undertaking something. If someone is doing whatever it is for enjoyment/recreation, then they are free from the need to measure the particulars. If, however, that same person undertakes some project with an expectation of a quantifiable outcome, then there is both more opportunity and, perhaps, more justification for measuring the particulars.