Notes on a Southern Music Project

As Quoted in “Benjamin Smoke”:

“With a throat smooth as a lamb

Yet dry as a branch not snapping

He throws back his head

But he does not sing a thing


Patty Smith

(from “Death Singing”)

14 Feb 05 7:17 pm

A Reading From “With Socrates On The Sofa”

From, “With Socrates On The Sofa,” Ode Magazine, Dec 2004, p47

“[Philosopher] Gerd Achenbach is perturbed by psychotherapy….

“Auchenbach says the vast majority of day-to-day problems come from the way we lead and look at our lives — exactly the areas that philosophy can help. ‘It ties in with the tradition of Socrates,’ he says. ‘What do we need to make progress? And what should I become? To me, the question isn’t how to reach that blissful state considered normal, but what do I need now to take a step forward?”

14 December 2004 ~5:30 pm Tuesday

A Reading from Empire of the Soul

from Empire of the Soul by Paul William Roberts, p61-62

“Who am I?  Where did

I come from and how?  Who

is my real maker?  Who is my


— Adi Sankaracharya, 16th c.

“Adi Sankaracharya’s fundamental query really summed up Ramana Maharshi’s meditational method.  You dwelt relentlessly on these five questions and, if your efforts were hard and sincere enough, you finally realized the Truth.  The Marharshi eventually reduced the query to three points: Who am I?  Why am I?  Where am I going? It was the nondualistic path, the path of jnana, or knowledge.  It required fierce and rigorous mental discipline.  Perhaps that formidable intellect was what I felt still energizing his room.  The endrest of jnana yoga was supposed to be the realization that the Self, the universe, and God are one.  The All is the One.”

6 August 00 ~6:23 am Sunday